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Non - Pregnancy Massage

Back, Neck and Shoulder - £30

Perfect for reducing tension.

Full Body Massage - £45

A wonderful relaxing treatment. Recommended once a month. 

Crystal Massage - £45

A relaxing back massage using the power of crystals. 

Back and Legs - £35

Great for back ache 

Luxury Massage - £60

A full body massage with added feet, head and face. A great indulgent massage for ultimate relaxation and wellbeing.

Male massage (back only) - £35

Working on the back only

Non-Pregnancy Massage

Back Only - £30

Suitable from 12 weeks right up to the final stages of pregnancy.

Full Body 30 Minutes - £35

Suitable from 12 weeks. Express full body includes Back, Arm and Legs.

Luxury Massage - £80

Suitable from 12 weeks. Includes Back, Arms, Bump, Feet and Head/Face.

Legs Only - £30

Suitable from 12 weeks.

Full Body 60 Minutes - £55

Suitable from 12 weeks. Includes Back, Arms, Legs and Bump.

Postnatal Recovery Massage - £60

A soothing massage helping to bring you back together and aid recovery. Includes a free basic wrap.


Standard Reflexology - £40

An alternative therapy involving pressure to specific points in the feet, giving a whole body relaxation. 

Reflexology Breech Turn - £40

Reflexology can be used to stimulate acupressure points proven to encourage a breech baby to turn into the optimal position.

Pregnancy Reflexology - £40

A super relaxing foot massage using different acupressure points to help combat different pregnancy ailments. 

Labour Induction Reflexology - £40

None invasive labour induction. *not guaranteed to induce labour 

Crystal Reflexology - £45

A relaxing foot treatment using the power of crystals.


Fertility Reflexology - £45

Specialist reflexology to help balance hormones and improve your fertility. Suitable for both male and female fertility. 

Fertility Massage - £40

A deep womb massage helping clear any blockages and increase fertility. 

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